Reviews 2016



  • Posted by Ank
    25-12-2016 | 17.14

    "Received the tins on time, did make a call but it was very busy and it would be fine. Liked that a personal Christmas card was included. Wishing you happy holidays and a good 2016 as well."

    Regards, Ank

  • Posted by Fred Rambow
    24-12-2016 | 14.08

    "We also received the soup bowls. The packaging was such that you could safely play football with it without the contents breaking. So, all good. This shop responds quickly to an order, but the delivery to a Kiala point is a different story. In my town, that's the smallest supermarket there is. Then they can't find the package even though it turns out to be the biggest package they have. Besides, it takes almost a week to get a message to pick it up. So, Kiala is not recommended. This shop, fortunately, is."

  • Posted by D van Duinen
    22-12-2016 | 14.52

    "Received the retro soup mugs today, they were packed very well and arrived in good condition, also delivered on time. Also received a nice Christmas card. Great service."

  • Posted by Bob
    19-12-2016 | 20.14

    "Finally found my retro salad spinner for a reasonable price. Neatly packaged and delivered on time. Good service, great online store!"

  • Posted by Ronald
    10-12-2016 | 09.19

    "Very well assisted, unfortunately, the first delivery was lost by the courier, but thanks to the helpful employees of Retro & Design, I could still get the right items."

  • Posted by Margreet
    09-12-2016 | 12.21

    "Thanks for the fast delivery."

  • Posted by Ellen
    07-12-2016 | 18.02

    "Thank you very much for the super fast delivery of the item I chose! The handwritten card made me feel like I had shopped here before! Very nice!"

  • Posted by Jacqueline van Vijle
    28-11-2016 | 12.49

    "Ordered an old model serving wonder.. Nice price, quick delivery, item arrived in good condition, thank you.."

  • Posted by Rob
    18-11-2016 | 15.17

    "Ordered Arcoroc Sierra bowl; fast delivery, well packaged, beautiful condition, friendly service."

  • Posted by Marcel
    17-11-2016 | 18.23

    "Nice site, order was delivered quickly, well packaged and as new. Will order again soon."

  • Posted by Jonneke
    14-11-2016 | 10.49

    "Many thanks for the nice items for the '80s film My Foolish Heart! Until next time!"

  • Posted by Chris
    12-11-2016 | 18.14

    "Thanks for the fast and correct delivery of the ordered products and until next time....!"

  • Posted by Ger
    09-11-2016 | 10.06

    "Nice site, nice items. I ordered an item (for a colleague), received the package yesterday. The item was nicely packaged with a separate card, they make you feel like they have paid personal attention to your order. Well done!"

  • Posted by Duran
    06-11-2016 | 09.49

    "Good product..very good packing and delivery. Thanks"

  • Posted by Lien
    05-11-2016 | 16.52

    "Ordered beautiful opaline jars and received them neatly and on time, Great..."

  • Posted by Tineke
    03-11-2016 | 13.29

    "Ordered: vintage water pitcher. Fast, good delivery and the pitcher was also nicely packaged. I've wanted this jug for so long. Glad I found and ordered it from you. Thank you for the good service!"

  • Posted by Astrid
    31-10-2016 | 19.39

    "Picked up the package today. Fast service, perfectly packaged, nice card included; couldn't be better!! And the contents were wonderfully nice, completely met my expectations! SUPER!! Will visit the site regularly. TOP!!"

  • Posted by Lenny
    26-10-2016 | 13.06

    "What a good clear site with lots of fun accessories. Quickly found something I've been looking for for over a year. Within a week I could pick it up at the Kiala pick-up point. Nicely packed with a bow around it and a cheerful retro card written as thanks for my purchase. That makes you happy. Thank you and I'll keep an eye on the site!!!!"

  • Posted by Anton
    19-10-2016 | 17.18

    "Bought a nice Retro bedside lamp from the 60s/70s for my daughter, the finishing touch after the room was renovated shipping was nicely packaged."

  • Posted by Marleen Engeler
    19-10-2016 | 12.45

    "What a great service!!! Ordered yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock and this morning at half past 10 the postman brought it. SO happy with it. What a nice clear website and what a neat handling, prompt confirmation and invoice. Thank you very much!!!"

  • Posted by Marianne Numberger
    14-10-2016 | 17.53

    "Would like to thank you for the delivery, everything arrived great, the packaging was also great, everything stayed intact."

  • Posted by Sanne
    08-10-2016 | 11.50

    "Bought a part of my mother's favourite dinnerware here. I am super happy with the condition of the dinnerware and how it was packaged. Will definitely order something here again."


  • Posted by Paul Grimmelikhuijzen
    01-10-2016 | 17.35

    "A while ago I bought some items here for decoration and nostalgia for those beautiful years that will never come back. From ordering to fast delivery completely perfect Very well packaged to prevent transport damage. I will visit this website as a customer for a long time to come."

  • Posted by Geert
    28-09-2016 | 17.25

    "Ordered three Brabantia rechauds on Monday and they were already delivered on Wednesday. They look very good. Well done. Thank you very much!!"

  • Posted by Marion
    16-09-2016 | 09.55

    "Ordered 3 cups and saucers and a bowl for our godchild's birthday. Great condition, like new. Lots of attention to shipping. Nicely wrapped in gift paper and also a nice congratulation card for our godchild added! Very thoughtful and great service. Top!"

  • Posted by Martine
    15-09-2016 | 13.13

    "Today received nice tin and biscuit tin. Very happy with it! I'm going to use it in my bed & breakfast!"

  • Posted by Anonymous
    04-09-2016 | 12.56

    "Ordered on Friday and delivered Saturday morning in like new condition."

  • Posted by Anonymous
    03-09-2016 | 09.36

    "Ordered 3 items, fast delivery but unfortunately 1 item was missing. After sending an email, I received an immediate response and it was sent the same day (even though I only emailed at the end of the day). I expect the package today.

    Very pleasant and good service!

    And besides, I am also very happy with the (Tupperware) items. I've had the orange powdered sugar shaker at home for years, it used to belong to my mother. My sister asks every New Year's Eve if I can bring it. That's why I've been looking for another shaker like that and I'm very happy that I found it here! She will receive it for her birthday soon."

    Thank you!

  • Posted by BergPodium
    25-08-2016 | 20.43

    "After thoroughly browsing the site, I shopped for a nice order. I quickly received the biscuit tins I ordered. Now I can present my own English cookies nicely at the breakfast buffets. Thank you for the fast service!"

  • Posted by Ilse de Jong
    25-08-2016 | 20.04

    "SUPER! Fast delivery. The lamp I bought was nicely and beautifully packaged. Thank you!"

  • Posted by Sudan Wouda
    21-08-2016 | 19.27

    "Super fast delivery and beautiful tins. As good as new! Very satisfied."

  • Posted by Simone Hopman-Bol
    20-08-2016 | 16.58

    "Thank you very much for the package that was delivered this morning. Everything looks fine and I will definitely be back for another time."

    Best regards Simone

  • Posted by Theater association Siesa
    13-08-2016 | 14.07

    "Nice items, fast delivery, and personal attention. What more could one want? Keep it up."

  • Posted by Brigitte
    04-08-2016 | 10.38

    "Received the order today. (4/8) Fast delivery and very satisfied. Incredibly thoughtful, such a sweet personal card. Keep it up!"

    Warm regards and of course thanks from Belgium.

  • Posted by Geert
    20-07-2016 | 13.32

    "Received the wrong item with an order. Got the correct item the next day and got to keep the wrong item. All without additional costs. Great class. Thank you very much! Until the next order!"

  • Posted by Eveline
    07-07-2016 | 17.13

    "Ordered on July 6th and received it neatly on July 7th! Our grandchildren will be so happy with their own Nessie! Thank you!"

  • Posted by Martien Robben
    01-07-2016 | 22.33

    "Once again, thank you very much. I've ordered from here several times and always been helped to satisfaction. I already have the beautiful items in my collection and I'm very satisfied. I'll keep following your site closely; I'm sure there will be something nice for me again. As usual, it was well packaged and delivered to me undamaged."

    Warm regards, Martien.

  • Posted by Corrie Bakke
    29-06-2016 | 13.32

    "Thank you very much for the order, I've been looking for it for a long time. Excellent service and smooth shipping."

  • Posted by Saskia
    25-06-2016 | 10.06

    "Received my order today, super well packaged. I'll definitely keep browsing for nice items from you."

  • Posted by Katrin
    23-06-2016 | 16.38

    "Today I received the strawberry baking tin. It was a pleasure for our neighbours to receive a package from the Netherlands. It was a very smooth purchase process and really fast shipping. Nevertheless, it's a very nice baking tin, and my daughter was thrilled because she loves strawberries and we've been looking for such a baking tin for a long time in Germany but couldn't find one. So, for her next birthday, she'll get a "real" strawberry cake. Thanks again. Regards from MV."

  • Posted by Amber
    13-06-2016 | 22.03

    "Picked up my package last week in very good condition. The package is nicely wrapped, and what makes it even nicer is the personal card that comes with it. And what friendly people! The website is also great; it's nice that it's so organized, I quickly found what I was looking for. Thanks Retro and Design!"

  • Posted by Robert
    09-06-2016 | 08.35

    "Fast delivery, good (automatic) communication, and professional packaging. Excellent... everything a webshop can do well. Will definitely order again if it comes across my path."

  • Posted by Therese
    05-06-2016 | 10.11

    "Received the Hooimeijer biscuit tins very quickly, they look good. Neatly packaged. And a nice personal card included. Thank you."

  • Posted by Geert
    04-06-2016 | 11.29

    "Received our ordered Tupperware shipment today in excellent condition. Well done! Thank you very much."

  • Posted by Christiaan
    03-06-2016 | 17.17

    "Ordered and received this week. Well and nicely packaged. Very happy with it. Will definitely keep an eye on the site for more nice items."

    Regards, Christiaan.

  • Posted by Elly
    01-06-2016 | 16.55

    "Very nice website, ordered yesterday and already received today. With a very nice personal card included. This was the first introduction to this webshop but certainly not the last."

    Regards, Elly

  • Posted by Geert
    31-05-2016 | 15.09

    "Today received our ordered Tupperware shipment in excellent condition. Well done! Thank you."

  • Posted by Maaike
    30-05-2016 | 13.46

    "Last week I ordered a mint-colored sand, soap & soda set and I was well informed about my order and the order was neatly packaged so it wouldn't be damaged. Very satisfied with Retro & Design!"

  • Posted by Conny
    24-05-2016 | 21.18

    "I was looking for a Tupperware jug, didn't see it on the site. 'Brazenly' sent an email/photo with my question... And yes, Diana had it!!!!! Picked it up today and it was neatly wrapped with a card included... My heartfelt thanks."

  • Posted by Jacqueline
    18-05-2016 | 18.23

    "Thank you for the good service and fast delivery, I'm completely happy with my vintage Brabantia tins."

    Regards, J. Sanders.

  • Posted by Karla Lankhorst
    18-05-2016 | 15.05

    "My package arrived in good condition and super fast. I'm happy with it."

  • Posted by Nelly
    18-05-2016 | 11.55

    "Today received a box with retro games and a wall lamp from the 70s. Everything looks very neat. Also very fast shipping. Thank you very much."

  • Posted by Nick van Gent
    04-05-2016 | 16.57

    "Had contact today about a shipment, what a super service and super friendly, can't wait for my package to arrive, a big 10 from me!!!!!"

  • Posted by Kees
    28-04-2016 | 18.58

    "Good site and very fast delivery. Nice card included."

  • Posted by Ferdinand Schäfer
    25-04-2016 | 13.39

    "Very very nice Verkade tin! It arrived today in very good and also personal packaging. I was very pleased, and I can only recommend Retro-en-Design! Thanks again to Dordrecht, and greetings from Krefeld! Ferdinand Schäfer."

  • Posted by Rolf
    24-04-2016 | 19.09

    "Yesterday afternoon picked up our retro ceiling lamp in Dordrecht! What super sweet and hospitable people, the lamp is hanging now and it looks super nice! Thanks."

  • Posted by Jessica
    20-04-2016 | 10.09

    "Such nice items! I ordered some Tupperware. Sent quickly and it was packed so nicely! Like receiving a gift This was the first, but certainly not the last order. Thank you very much!"

  • Posted by A. Brink
    19-04-2016 | 18.53

    "My order was neatly packaged and completely met expectations!"

  • Posted by Annemarie Evenhuis
    14-04-2016 | 23.38

    "Today received a beautiful Pierrot storage jar, much bigger than I expected. It looks beautiful; it will get a nice spot in the kitchen. Well packed. Very satisfied. A2S."

  • Posted by Maurizio
    12-04-2016 | 13.41

    "Set macedonia della Arcoroc davvero molto bello! Ha viaggiato "nel tempo" eppure è arrivato dagli anni'70 come nuovo. Grazie!!!"

  • Posted by Felice
    09-04-2016 | 15.38

    "Received plates quickly and well packaged. Despite wrong plates being sent (which were eventually also purchased), super service by acting quickly and providing a discount code, so the second delivery was sent free of charge. Very customer-friendly and super nice webshop!"

  • Posted by Josef
    08-04-2016 | 17.25

    "Ordered yesterday, delivered today!!! Bravo! Well packaged, everything in order, I hope we'll enjoy it for a long time, thanks."

  • Posted by Nicky
    31-03-2016 | 18.10

    "Recently bought a baby playpen. It was nicely packaged and looked very neat. I had a nice and successful baby shower gift. They were very happy with it. Thanks for the good and fast service!"

  • Posted by Reinhold Maier
    30-03-2016 | 10.37

    "I was very pleased with the nice Easter greetings and would like to thank you for them. The delivery arrived quickly and very well packaged. I will keep it in the best memory."

    Best regards, Reinhold Maier​

    Posted by Rachel
    12-03-2016 | 18.07

    "Thanks for the quick delivery. The spaghetti holders were just as described. Proper job"

  • Posted by Lindsay
    12-03-2016 | 12.30

    "I bought a gingerbread tin from Peijnenburg here. Very nicely packaged and sent super quickly! Very fine and personal service. Excellent and nothing wrong with it!"

  • Posted by Ralph
    29-02-2016 | 17.49

    "I just bought an old vinyl carrying case from the 1960s. It arrived very quickly (after only a few days) and was wrapped very carefully, no damage at all. It looks exactly as it did in the pictures provided on the website. Thank you!"

  • Posted by Conny
    27-02-2016 | 07.39

    "Picked up my vintage Tupperware earlier this week. To my surprise, it was neatly packed like a gift. Diana put a lot of effort into it. It was very surprising!!!"

  • Posted by Madelon
    24-02-2016 | 18.35

    "Thanks for the Brabantia bread bin. It looks great and was perfectly packaged. The bin is already displayed on our kitchen counter."

  • Posted by Elisa
    14-02-2016 | 18.56

    "Happy with the apple glasses! Arrived well (very), packed well! Thank you very much!"

  • Posted by Caroline
    12-02-2016 | 14.56

    "Everything perfect! Quick and secure shipping. Product okay. I recommend and I will place another order safely!!!"

  • Posted by Malcolm Denman
    11-02-2016 | 12.45

    "Received Tupperware jug very fast. item perfect my wife happy."

  • Posted by Jelle
    09-02-2016 | 17.25

    "Hello, I ordered a nice old court jester cigar tin through this webshop. It was delivered quickly, neatly packed with a nice personal card included. In short, excellent service and everything is in perfect order."


  • Posted by fam.van Heteren
    03-02-2016 | 20.55

    "Good evening, This afternoon the Tupperware cups were delivered. Festively packaged and then neatly packed in a box! ! Thank you"


  • Posted by Familie Snepvangers
    25-01-2016 | 11.57

    "This webshop is recommended. Service is written with a capital letter here, the customer is still truly king here. A very nice vintage coffee tin, nicely packaged and with a sweet card waiting for me. We will definitely come back here"

  • Posted by Monique Blom
    23-01-2016 | 17.28

    "A great barber chair, coasters, and a plastic container picked out on the excellent website. Everything delivered quickly and it all looks good. Very happy with it!"

  • Posted by Els de Jong
    18-01-2016 | 13.59

    "This morning I picked up my beautiful Blue Band cookie tin and Scrabble game!. I had been looking for this tin for a while. It's already on my shelf with other Blue Band items and I'm happy with my purchase, which was neatly packed with a nice card included. As promised on the website, the purchases are in excellent condition. Enthusiastic, reliable, and service-oriented. What more could one ask for, especially in these times!!! A recommendation for enthusiasts."

  • Posted by Jo Jaeqx
    08-01-2016 | 13.51

    "Thank you for the quick delivery of the beautiful vintage Junghans wall clock. Well packaged and nicely wrapped for the holidays, the description on the website meets all expectations. Class!"

  • Posted by Annemarieke Faulkner
    05-01-2016 | 22.56

    "Ordered Arcopal bowls and they arrived super quickly. Safely packaged and with a nice handwritten card. And the bowls are even nicer than I thought!"
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