We reuse materials through packaging and reselling second-hand items.
In addition to reselling second-hand items, we also reuse materials for packaging. This means that the items you order are often packaged in boxes that were previously used elsewhere. By doing this, we keep the costs of our products lower and contribute to a cleaner environment, so that together with you, we can ensure a cleaner world by wasting less.

Types of reuse
We engage in various forms of reuse:

  • Refilling: refilling an empty container with a product other than the original.
  • Second-hand sales of entire objects through our online store.
  • Reconditioning: cleaning and repairing the original product so that it can be used again.

Difference between reuse and recycling
Recycling is the process of reusing materials. Recycling is different from reuse, where a product (or parts of it) is reused without separating it into raw materials. With reuse, an object is used again, whether for the same or a different purpose.

Benefits of recycling
There are several benefits to recycling:

  • Fewer new raw materials are needed, meaning fewer trees need to be cut down for paper and cardboard production.
  • The plastics collected in the Netherlands are packaging materials, which are almost always recyclable thermoplastics. We use these as fillers for our boxes and to seal them.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions decrease because reusing materials requires less energy than producing new ones.

Since the significant increase in prosperity in industrialized Western countries in the 20th century, many commonly used materials have been considered waste and discarded. However, this was not always the case. As early as the Middle Ages, rag traders in Europe engaged in bartering. They exchanged rags for cheap pottery. In general, goods and materials were used until they were completely worn out. This is still the case in many parts of the world.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, a disposable society had emerged, and the landfills in several prosperous countries were getting larger. Under pressure from the emerging environmental movement and stricter legislation, the reuse of materials and waste began to gain traction. Another important factor was the rising price of raw materials, making reuse economically more attractive. A separate industry emerged, specializing in reuse and recycling.

Well-known examples of reuse include the reselling of second-hand products through online trading sites and wooden furniture made from reclaimed wood.

In 2017, 87% of used paper and cardboard in the Netherlands was collected and reused.

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