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  • Posted by Rob
    30-12-2020 | 14.42

    I ordered and received a lovely retro cookie tin, it's a super cool item and still in great condition! It was delivered quickly and packaged extremely well! It's really cool to come across items on the site that remind you of way back when. I'll definitely be coming back to this site again!

  • Posted by Carine Matheussen
    22-12-2020 | 14.07

    Very good service, bought a little vase last week which was shipped very quickly and packed very well. It arrived in one piece due to the perfect packing. Thanks  

  • Posted by Eefje
    19-12-2020 | 19.11

    Bought a beautiful retro peanut bowl. Even nicer in person. Super cute with a handwritten note. Very happy with it, thank you. Will definitely return here.

  • Posted by Hans
    10-12-2020 | 16.37

    Many thanks for the beautiful tins and the fast service, regards Hans Maramis Tilburg.

  • Posted by Ilke Cochrane-Vermeer
    10-12-2020 | 13.54

    The mail brought a piece of childhood nostalgia - the game was well packaged, all parts neatly separated into bags, and the outer packaging was well suited for shipping abroad. The front page of the rule book was missing, but for a game 40 years old, I can understand that. Thank you very much for the excellent service!

  • Posted by Sjantine
    08-12-2020 | 09.32

    Thanks for the fast delivery. Items arrived in good condition with a Christmas card, super cute!

  • Posted by Mira Jansen
    07-12-2020 | 13.55

    The items just arrived and I am very happy!! Everything exactly as described. A set of beautiful storage jars from the 1950s. They are now on the kitchen cabinet. You will definitely see me again!!

  • Posted by Satisfied Customer
    26-11-2020 | 17.19

    The nostalgic letter game Script-o-gram, complete in the original Jumbo box. Bought it for the dice, which are now going to have a very different second life. Fast and correct delivery.

  • Posted by Jan Peter
    14-11-2020 | 12.03

    A while ago I bought 3 retro sugar/coffee tins. Fast delivery and nicely packaged. Also a very friendly note included. In other words, beautiful retro products with great service. Will definitely come back here.

  • Posted by Carla
    13-11-2020 | 17.54

    Received 2 more beautiful tins today; one with "embroidered" roses and one with images of Rotterdam. Absolutely TOP!! 😍

  • Posted by Michelle
    13-11-2020 | 17.42

    Ordered an old cookie tin from ah for my mother. We had this at home when we were kids. So cute, but the package got lost with dpd. Contacted retro and design via email and they eventually managed to trace the package. Keeping me informed via email. Super service. Picked up the package with cookie tin today. Totally happy. Thank you, Michelle.

  • Posted by Ian
    12-11-2020 | 11.35

    No need to worry about your item arriving damaged, well packed. Also, it's a beautiful product for a low price.

  • Posted by Carolina
    01-11-2020 | 19.02

    Thanks for the good and personal service! I'll keep an eye on your website for more fun stuff.

  • Posted by Anouk
    19-10-2020 | 18.46

    Bought an old game that I used to play with my grandma. The game is no longer on the market, so I bought it second hand on this website. There was fast service and the game was neatly packaged. Thank you.

  • Posted by Zina
    17-10-2020 | 12.54

    Many thanks for the personal service and patience. The arcoroc octime service parts were carefully selected for me. They have already done their job: shining on the table in our '80s/'90s film set. Kind regards, Zina.

  • Posted by Nicoletta
    16-10-2020 | 22.58

    I ordered and received 3 tins that I'm very happy with. Beautiful, those old scenes and paintings! How else to store your items than in these vintage tins? Also, kudos for the good reception. Thank you!

  • Posted by Dorothée
    16-10-2020 | 19.27

    Today, 16.10.'20, received biscuit tin, cookie tin, and storage jar. Nice and fast delivery to England too. Thanks.

  • Posted by Joke Reus
    16-10-2020 | 13.09

    The bead coasters arrived in good condition, neatly packaged, thanks.

  • Posted by Monique
    16-10-2020 | 11.15

    This morning I received the ordered old tins. As always, excellently packed and in very good condition. Thank you Retro and Design for the good service. Awesome!

  • Posted by Jeanne van Van Caam-Wierikx
    30-09-2020 | 15.09

    Received the breakfast plates and bowl from Arcopal today. I've been looking for these for a long time. Found them at Retro & Design. Looked immaculate, very well packaged. Good price. And a personal card included. Top! Thank you.:

  • Posted by BWZ
    27-09-2020 | 13.10

    Luckily received quickly. Well packed. Thanks for the message. Satisfied with the order. Hopefully for the next tin!

  • Posted by Carina
    23-09-2020 | 11.24

    Item received in good order...very well packed. Good service and communication.

  • Posted by Benoit
    26-08-2020 | 22.11

    Received my favourite kitchen attribute very quickly again: a yellow Arcopal bowl. Beautifully new and even with the lid again. It was packed excellently: just like a Sinterklaas surprise.

  • Posted by Jan
    12-08-2020 | 11.00

    Earthenware bowl delivered quickly, well packed and with a personal card. Bowl as good as new. Thank you Adri.

  • Posted by Sylvia
    29-07-2020 | 13.44

    Bought a good looking brabantia sieve, well packed and fast delivery. Very satisfied.

  • Posted by Silvia
    15-07-2020 | 14.59

    I received today the tin box. It was really well packed and arrived in good condition. The service is excellent and it will be very special when is full of biscuits .

    Thank you very much 

  • Posted by Car
    07-07-2020 | 18.46

    Cookie tin horn of plenty has a beautiful decor and color nuances. Downside of this item: tin doesn't close properly and pops open.

  • Posted by Peter Simonis
    07-07-2020 | 18.41

    Everything delivered correctly and safely in a very tidy time! Very satisfied with my new tableware parts.

  • Posted by Jasmin
    27-06-2020 | 11.02

    Price quality is good. Jamin tin looked beautiful. Sent VERY quickly! Super happy 😁👍

  • Posted by Marc
    18-06-2020 | 10.24

    Nice items and very fast shipping and a personal note included, nice!

  • Posted by Paul
    27-05-2020 | 10.53

    Nice items, prompt delivery, good communication with a personal touch. Compliments!

  • Posted by Jacqueline
    25-05-2020 | 08.27

    Very happy with my beautiful tins! Fast delivery and well packed! Thank you!!!

  • Posted by Rinske
    23-05-2020 | 07.38

    Ordered such fun things from you and it arrived quickly. Now my house is even a bit nicer!!

  • Posted by Matty
    20-05-2020 | 17.53

    Thanks for the prompt delivery, the beautiful tin arrived in good condition, very happy with it. Regards, Matty.

  • Posted by Lidia van Kerkhoff
    07-05-2020 | 14.25

    Thanks for the very prompt delivery of my ordered tea tin. Also packed very well!!! Description was perfect: "in excellent condition" and I am happy with it. Regards.

  • Posted by Frank Konijnenburg
    26-04-2020 | 08.06

    Top cheese box!!! finally found!!!

  • Posted by Ronald
    18-04-2020 | 19.52

    Ordered Octime plates because ours were worn out after 28 years of use. Plates are as good as new and delivered neatly packaged. We can go on for years with this dinnerware. Top!

  • Posted by Eric
    16-04-2020 | 14.21

    We bought the game Carriere from you. The game is over 40 years old but it was like new and in perfect condition so I can play the game again that I enjoyed a lot in my youth. Thank you very much

  • Posted by Sylvie
    09-04-2020 | 20.33

    Bought a very original vintage flea game. Due to corona, the delivery took a while, but it was enjoyable unpacking it. Game still in great condition!

  • Posted by Guy
    18-03-2020 | 19.22

    Bought for the first time at Retro & Design. Delivery was very fast, and item was very well packaged. Also, the handwritten note was very nice. This gives a personal touch. My next search will definitely start here. Very satisfied.

  • Posted by Bianca
    15-03-2020 | 12.15

    Very fast shipping, products were neatly packed and looked great! Accompanied by a nice card: absolutely great. Recommend.

  • Posted by Carla
    07-03-2020 | 15.01

    Received 2 more beautiful cocoa/chocolate tins today 🤩 Thanks for the very fast delivery!! 🤗

  • Posted by J.O. Nieuwenkamp
    19-02-2020 | 20.06

    Received my order (Verkade tin and quartet game) today! Very fast delivery, excellently packaged and a thoughtful card included! Very pleased with my purchase, looking forward to next time.....👍

  • Posted by Monique
    10-02-2020 | 15.33

    And received another beautiful tin. Packed excellently and sent very quickly. Totally happy with it.

  • Posted by Diane de krem
    27-01-2020 | 09.55

    Het pakketje was veilig verpakt
    Ook het product voldoet aan mijn verwachtingen
    Het is zoals omschreven
    Heel blij met het product
    Tot een volgende keer zeker en vast

    Mvg Diane

  • Posted by Monique
    27-01-2020 | 17.01

    Very happy with my received old tin. And as always superbly and neatly packed and delivered very quickly. How do you guys do that? Awesome. I'm already looking forward to the next order.

  • Posted by Joan Westerman
    24-01-2020 | 09.29

    Received the plates and cake saucers of the clock set this morning. Very happy with it, because I've been searching for these plates for a long time. Just unpacking it was a party: huge package, it looked like Sinterklaas. That's why everything remained in perfect condition. Thank you very much for the fast delivery.

  • Posted by Carla
    07-01-2020 | 22.33

    Received the Van Nelle shop tin today, in one word AMAZING!! It's now proudly displayed next to my tea cabinet, I'm very happy with it 😃 Very carefully packed and fast delivery, thanks and until the next order 🤗

  • Posted by Wilma
    07-01-2020 | 15.04

    Super nice Hacks tin. The rare yellow one, we didn't have that in our collection yet. Sent quickly, nice card included. Our daughter has been looking for us for years, and then suddenly she saw it with you. Snatched it up right away! Thank you!

  • Posted by Ben
    07-01-2020 | 14.15

    The Sogo board game arrived well packed and completely intact! Great price and shipped very quickly. One suggestion is to keep the personal touch by mentioning the name of the person who packed it on the personally addressed card.

  • Posted by Stef
    01-01-2020 | 09.43

    Received the Fair Play board game from 1974! It looks brand new! We're very happy with it. Thanks for the card, nice gesture.
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