Reviews 2019



  • Posted by Monique
    23-12-2019 | 16.21

    "Great! Received another beautiful vintage tin in perfect condition. Always great prices, always excellently packaged, and always lightning-fast. Thank you Retro & Design! I'm very happy with it again."

  • Posted by Jelena
    17-12-2019 | 10.00

    "Hi Retro, many thanks for the Pac-Man vintage game! It is well preserved, very well packed, and it arrived very quickly in Czech Republic. My kid is sooo happy! Thank you also for sending me a holiday card, that was a nice touch!"

  • Posted by Roland
    17-12-2019 | 08.52

    "Received the items perfectly packed, exactly as described!"

  • Posted by Cocky
    12-12-2019 | 19.26

    "Bought a black retro Caballero ashtray. Well packed and shipped, looks just like the picture on the website. Very happy with it."

  • Posted by Katty Vilain
    12-12-2019 | 14.55

    "Very satisfied, almost complete set of dishes returned, I now have 9 pieces. Will now regularly check the website Thank you 😁"

  • Posted by Jon
    14-11-2019 | 15.28

    "Got my old dishes complete again. All neatly packed. I knew it was coming, but the delivery person couldn't find it in his van. Checked with him and there it was."

  • Posted by Monique
    08-11-2019 | 18.54

    "The tin I ordered (like every order I make at Retro & Design) was delivered super neatly and quickly. Thanks for the good service. Until the next order."

  • Posted by Kirsty
    27-10-2019 | 12.13

    "Hello, apologies for my very late reply... I'm very happy with the Octime tableware items I ordered from your site. Almost everything looks as good as new. One glass is probably subject to glass erosion due to aging. It looks a little less nice because of that. The rest, however, is still beautiful!! Also, big thanks for the careful packaging."

  • Posted by Miriam
    22-10-2019 | 15.24

    "I am very happy with the cookie tin, it reminds me of my dear departed mother and memories 😘💓"

  • Posted by Jan-Erik
    21-10-2019 | 22.15

    "Great Shop, found what i have been searching for several years!"

  • Posted by Gunter
    10-10-2019 | 15.18

    "Very happy with our new acquisition (a tea light holder in the shape of an owl), swift delivery that was perfectly taken care of. The personal approach with a card for the customer is also a warm addition. A recommendation for me that I will share."

  • Posted by Jarnold
    04-10-2019 | 10.20

    "Received the base game Battleship from before, almost as good as new! Super delivered!'

  • Posted by Heidie
    25-09-2019 | 12.52

    "Vandaag onze bestelling ontvangen.
    Oud brabantie huishoud spaarblik.
    Waren al zolang opzoek, nu via jullie gevonden.
    Zijn er erg blij mee.
    Leuk dat jullie er een persoonlijk kaartje bij doen.
    Ik ben erg tevreden."

    Groet heidie en roelof

  • Posted by JS
    24-09-2019 | 18.47

    "Fast delivery, everything neatly taken care of"

  • Posted by Ellen
    17-09-2019 | 19.09

    "Received the Brabantia orange tray today, very beautiful, very happy with it, thank you for the super fast shipping, top. Until the next order."

    Greetings Ellen.

  • Posted by Liesbeth
    11-09-2019 | 13.15

    "Looking for an LP from 1984 by Lionel Richie, I discovered Retro & Design. What a find! LP quickly came into my possession, thanks for the good service."

  • Posted by Monique
    06-09-2019 | 22.26

    "Once again, I have received the order perfectly. Very happy with my purchases. Well arranged Retro and Design!"

  • Posted by Monique
    06-09-2019 | 06.02

    "The tins I ordered are fantastic. Exactly as indicated on the website, well packaged, and delivered quickly. Very happy with it. Thank you Retro & Design."

  • Posted by Ton Konijn
    31-08-2019 | 00.19

    "Received the Flair "space age" clothing hangers today. Still looking good for their age and swift delivery."

  • Posted by Carla
    30-08-2019 | 23.08

    "Received my ordered tea tin today, still looks very nice and fast delivery. Until the next order 😀"

  • Posted by Laura
    29-08-2019 | 18.47

    "Incredibly happy with the coffee cup and saucer set. A beautiful addition to my tableware! Great price and swift delivery 👍🏻"

  • Posted by Richard
    21-08-2019 | 19.38

    "Bought something here recently, it arrived super quickly and everything was perfectly intact."

  • Posted by Jo
    16-08-2019 | 13.09

    "Hallo ik ben de moeder van Lolita
    Zij heeft voor mij de schaaltjes besteld
    Ik ben er erg blij mee
    Keurig verpakt dank je wel
    Vriendelijke groeten"

  • Posted by Roger
    21-07-2019 | 10.07

    "Beautiful Vintage storage tin for Wasa crackers arrived in great condition, perfect for storage of Wasa present received each Christmas from relatives. Many Thanks Again ! "

  • Posted by Tinus
    18-07-2019 | 17.12

    "Received a piece of "nostalgia", a puzzle from my youth. Good packaging, clear communication. Very happy with it. Thank you."

  • Posted by Geert
    12-07-2019 | 09.35

    "Received a De Ruyter anise block tin last week. Well packed. Nice tin. Thank you very much."

  • Posted by Sylvia
    11-07-2019 | 22.15

    "Very happy with my TOWEL RACK. Also appreciated the fast delivery."

  • Posted by Willem
    07-07-2019 | 15.53

    "My son is thrilled with the game "Tank Battle" so I'm also very satisfied."

  • Posted by Ad
    05-07-2019 | 21.14

    "Ordered a Tupper shaker and received it promptly. My old one got lost in one of my moves so very happy to have one again. And it's in great condition, clean as a whistle and for a good price. Also packed with great care! My compliments. Very nice that handwritten card was included. Browsing the site was a trip down memory lane. And being able to pay afterwards is great! In short: no regrets with this order. Nothing but praise 😊"

  • Posted by Jolanda Richard
    05-07-2019 | 05.47

    "Received my cheese box today. Very happy with it. Nicely packed, with a personal greeting included. Nice contact and fast delivery."

  • Posted by Bdo
    02-07-2019 | 12.50

    "Very happy with the 3 retro tins I bought here. Compliments for the neat condition in which the products are sold! Also, everything neatly packaged for shipping and a personal card included, great!"

  • Posted by Monique
    20-06-2019 | 18.47

    "Now for the 5th time I've ordered something from Retro & Design and all 5 times very happy with the service and the fast delivery. Always good stuff for great prices, very well packaged, and a pleasure to open the package. Thank you Retro & Design for the beautiful tin. I'm very happy with it and look forward to the next purchase! Top!"

  • Posted by Els
    14-06-2019 | 19.34

    "Picked up the Brabantia shoe polish box today. Which I've been looking for for at least 10 years. The brown beige edition with flower. Super happy, thanks Retro"

  • Posted by Helma klein
    12-06-2019 | 17.20

    "Just received my cookie tin. My aunt used to have this round cookie tin. And suddenly I remembered and went looking on the internet. And fortunately, I found it on your site. Absolutely awesome. Ordered it right away and got a message the same day that the package was on its way. It was well packaged, received in good condition. But to my surprise, there was still a personal card included. That made me very happy. Nowadays, it's always so uncertain who to trust. But you guys are absolutely TOP "

    Thanks, love Helma

  • Posted by Shirley
    05-06-2019 | 16.34

    "Fantastic beautiful website and nice items, reminds me of the good old days. Ordered a sewing box and it was delivered neatly, I will definitely come back to this site when I need something."

    Greetings Shirley

  • Posted by José
    23-05-2019 | 16.40

    "Just picked up my package at the DPD service point. Very happy with the contents, namely, a beaded cookie tin in very nice condition and a Tupperware spaghetti storage box. My grandmother used to have this cookie tin and this brings back bygone times for me with a cup of tea and a cookie from the beautifully colored box at my grandmother's home! Everything super well packaged! Thank you and definitely until next time!"

  • Posted by Bob
    23-05-2019 | 15.06

    "Totally agree with another customer. This is clear enough, period.

    1 Super, very nice website. 2 Clearly laid out 3 With the products by far the nicest items. 4 Fast delivery time. 5 Large selection. 6 Fast response to the customer. 7 Clear information about the products. 8 Payment choice is fine. 9 Always different products. 10 Great offers and actions"

  • Posted by Monique
    23-05-2019 | 06.41

    "Bought another nice old tin. And once again received it quickly and super neatly. Very happy with it. Looking forward to the next order. Thank you for the good service and the beautiful items I have ordered from you so far."

  • Posted by Carine Hoefnagel
    19-05-2019 | 20.12

    "Received my 3 tins, they look great under our canopy!!!"

  • Posted by Ellie
    14-05-2019 | 15.03

    "Hello, I received those 3 tins, they are very beautiful. but the real reason why I wanted to have them is because my mother also had them, exactly the same, but unfortunately, my parents are no longer here, and I didn't think about taking those cans with me when we had to clean out the house and move!... but thank you for still having them!"


  • Posted by Karin
    12-05-2019 | 09.41

    "Fast delivery, very satisfied!"

  • Posted by Rob Hagestein
    10-05-2019 | 12.04

    "What no woman could bring me, Retro & Design did. 40 years back in time feeling with the delivery of our Arcopal bowls. Everything was also in perfect condition and well packaged.

    Good reason for a return visit and to spread the word about the site."

    Gerda and Rob

  • Posted by Hannah Erkens
    10-05-2019 | 12.38

    "Thank you so much for my wonderful sewing Box, it's perfect and exactly the same as the one my Oma had   so brings back many wonderful memories

    It was exceptionally well packaged and swiftly delievered, thank you for your excellent service and products."

    Many thanks

  • Posted by Monique
    08-05-2019 | 23.00

    "For quite some time I was looking for enamel storage tins and a unique Melita coffee filter. Nowhere to be found or too expensive. Coincidentally, I landed on your site this week and.... yes.... both for sale and for a very nice price. After 2 days, my order was delivered neatly. Arrived in perfect condition and sooooo happy with it. Thank you for the fast and perfect delivery. Top! I will definitely shop here again."

  • Posted by Gerrit Tijhof
    19-04-2019 | 10.25

    "Received the Easter bunny in good condition and it looks good. Thanks for the smooth handling and shipping."

  • Posted by Irma
    16-04-2019 | 20.45

    "Completely happy with my vintage Tupperware! Quickly received and exceptionally well packed."

  • Posted by Jacqueline De boom
    12-04-2019 | 15.48

    "Thank you for the correct handling and shipping. We are very happy with the Tupperware ice bucket. We had been looking for an ice bucket for our boat for a long time and this one fits the bill perfectly.

    I can recommend the retro and design shop to everyone."

    Warm regards,


  • Posted by Karin
    23-03-2019 | 12.45

    "Ordered a beautiful West Germany vase. It was delivered to my home within 1 working day. Also, it was packed very well. The container was immediately half full of all the styrofoam. But the vase arrived safely, which is the most important thing."

  • Posted by Monique
    21-03-2019 | 11.52

    "I completely agree with Leni's review (05-03-2019). By chance, I came across this site and, to my surprise, they also sold Tupperware items. With healthy excitement, I searched for "my" item. After years, I finally found it, 4 yellow dining/BBQ plates! YAY, COOL! I have never understood why Tupperware didn't bring back this item every once in a while (in the summer). I have used them for over 25 years. For outdoor dining, with the BBQ, on my lap, taking them on vacation (always sliding flat and sturdy somewhere in the trunk). They look like new. I will now hand wash them. I suspect that using smooth knives (cutting meat, for example) on the plates combined with the dishwasher causes them to wear out earlier. Thank you for the attached card with a personal message. Spread the word. Until next time."

  • Posted by Marian
    17-03-2019 | 11.34

    "Ordered a retro wall lamp. Very happy with it! Superbly packaged. Nice note included. Highly recommended!"

  • Posted by Leni
    05-03-2019 | 13.49

    "Great service, the description matches the purchase of the product. Also, well thought out to pack the product well, so that the item arrives intact.

    A perfect 10, which is why I recommend this website..."
  • Super, very nice website.
  • Clearly laid out
  • The most fun items are the products.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Wide selection.
  • Quick response to the customer.
  • Clear information about the products.
  • Payment options are great.
  • Always different products.
  • Great deals and promotions

  • Posted by Jessica
    01-03-2019 | 08.15

    "I'm from the 70s myself... ordered 2 lava ashtrays... so well packed... really good service. I'm very happy with it, especially with the flawed one... hope you get more in... I collect flawed items... also ordered glassware... and old Heineken coasters... I'm so curious... starting to feel at home."

  • Posted by Marion
    28-02-2019 | 16.17

    "Today my vintage plug lamp was delivered. Ideal for the kitchen. It's amazing how something like this can make a person so happy. Mine broke after decades of use, but now I have a new one."

  • Posted by Laila Ahlgren
    23-02-2019 | 13.24

    "So many beautiful retro things. Great place to buy from. Love to look around in the webbstore. Nice staff and friendly reception. Excelent wrapping and safe shipping. I will return.... "

  • Posted by Marco
    20-02-2019 | 19.17

    "Great purchase of the Tupperware serving trays, just like new and excellent delivery - great store."

  • Posted by Jan H
    19-02-2019 | 15.54

    "Ordered a biscuit tin. Had it at home after 2 days. Unfortunately, the tin was completely broken due to transportation. Called and got another one without any problem. Thanks for the good service!!"

  • Posted by Jos
    30-01-2019 | 21.06

    "Today I received the Bingo game from the 70s. My youngest sister (with a disability) has been playing this game daily for 40 years. Her copy was worn out to the thread. Very glad that I could find an original copy with you. She can go on for years again."

  • Posted by Willem
    24-01-2019 | 14.19

    "Since I discovered this site a few years ago when I was looking for long-lost cans, I have ordered here several times. I am always satisfied with my purchases at Retro and Design. This and last week I ordered some things again (tea tins and a storage tin), they were again well packed and delivered quickly. I have already put the purchases to use again."

  • Posted by Louis Zeekaf
    23-01-2019 | 12.21

    "Received the tin cans on January 23rd. Thanks for the fast shipping. You have nice articles! I will definitely visit you again!"

    Best regards, Louis

  • Posted by Joke
    22-01-2019 | 13.10

    "I received the Arcoroc salad and soup plates in good condition thanks to the excellent packaging. They were only available at Retro & Design. I am very happy with them and will definitely visit the website again in the future. Many thanks."

  • Posted by Edith
    19-01-2019 | 16.32

    "Found the Tupperware cake box here as indicated. Fast delivery."

  • Posted by Siets Noppert
    19-01-2019 | 14.34

    "Dear M, Ordered a creamer, neatly packed and a beautiful card with a nice message included. Very satisfied Thanks for this."

    Regards Siets Noppert.

  • Posted by Mrs Tina Hand
    07-01-2019 | 16.36

    "So pleased to have found these bowls, I had them years ago and have been looking to replace them for ages. They arrived today and they are perfect - great service - thanks"


  • Posted by Jan Brouwer
    05-01-2019 | 13.39

    "I received the wooden Finnish bonbon tin in good order, thank you!
    It will get a nice spot in our nostalgic grocery store with tin collection."

  • Posted by Karin
    04-01-2019 | 16.43

    "Delighted with the beautiful cookie tin! Looks very nice on our table."
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