ONLINE PAYMENT METHODS: iDEAL in3 (pay in 3 interest-free instalments)
Only available in The Netherlands


What is iDeal in3
iDEAL in3 allows you to pay in installments: in 3 equal parts within 60 days, with no hidden costs or interest. There's also no credit registration involved for you.

How does iDEAL in3 work?

  • During checkout, customers select 'Pay in 3 instalments, 0% interest' as the payment method.
  • Then, you're redirected to a payment page hosted by iDEAL in3, where you complete the payment via iDEAL by selecting your own bank.

In summary: a quick and easy checkout process, where you don't need an iDEAL in3 account as a customer. You can also find your orders and check payment space from the iDEAL in3 app.

How are iDEAL in3 payments processed?
Upon completing the order: You pay the first installment when you place your order.

30 days after purchase:
You pay your second instalment no later than 30 days after the first payment. This can be done either through the iDEAL in3 app or the link in the reminder email you receive.

60 days after purchase:
You complete the final instalment no later than 60 days after your first payment. Again, this can be done both through the iDEAL in3 app or via the link in the reminder email.

As a customer, you always have the option to pay the full (remaining) amount earlier than after 60 days.


Would you like to know more about iDeal in3?
Visit to the iDeal in3 website


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