More about LIGHTING

The sun is the major natural source of light. Light can also be produced artificially, as always with fire, but since the 19th century with electric light bulbs; later on other types, such as gas discharge lamps, sulfur plasma lamps and LEDs were developed. Light has an important influence on the human being. Light provides your home with atmosphere and coziness.

Lighting is probably the most important aspect in an interior. Lighting gives space its own character and style. Vintage lamps give a certain character to your interior. We will add new items on a weekly basis. We do not sell new lamps or copies. All our lamps are original. Vintage items are not outdated, but rather modern and unique and often not without reason they have survived the hypes of time.

Lighting Design in the 50s. Efficient use of space was essential because of the lack of accommodation in the 50s. Therefor functional furniture was designed. Foldable, retractable, adjustable, stackable. Stylistically often sober, bit Spartan, with particularly smooth surfaces. Often light and bright colors were used. Doing so, space was just efficiently used in the small homes. There was a lot of experimenting with new modern shapes and new materials. Especially plastic was widely used. Also, the steel tube was often used in furniture. Not to forget: Formica and laminated materials. Also the lamps of this period had the same characteristics.

Lighting design in the 60s and 70s. In the 60s and 70s much more playful combinations were noticeable in the homely environment. There were no boundaries in design during these years; colors, round shapes and certainly humor. Mad just didn’t seem to be crazy enough anymore... Recurring themes in 60s and 70s designs are bright shiny colors, arched and curved lines, soft shapes, corrugated foam, natural latex and plastic. Plastic remained popular throughout the years, because you could easily make all kinds of crazy, unusual shapes.

At Retro & Design we are constantly looking for that vintage 70’s feeling. We will do our best to create a diverse collection. Looking for something special? Please let us know!

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