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Tableware exists in many variations, colors and sizes. Here at Retro & Design you have various choices. For example we offer Boerenbont’, Bone china, Arcopal, Arcoroc and more.

Boerenbont’ which can be free translated as Gingham china is a painting technique that is mainly applied to tableware. The motif consists of stylized flowers in combination with only a few colors. Gingham is a painting technique that is mainly applied to tableware. The motif consists of floral motifs painted in stylized forms with only a few colors. In the Netherlands Petrus Regout started his pottery in Maastricht in 1840 with the production of Boerenbont-sets on an industrial scale. The Royal Sphinx, such as the Regout factory later was renamed, continued until 1969 producing Boerenbont. In this approximately 130-year period in Maastricht at least 200 different motifs were used. In Belgium for a long time Boerenbont was still produced by Royal Boch.

Bone China is a kind of soft porcelain developed by the English potter Josiah Spode and it’s known for its high degree of whiteness, translucency it high strength and rupture resistance. 

The Arcopal brand was introduced in 1958. This fully tempered glass is very strong and durable, break and chip resistant. Though very thin, Arcopal glass is up to five times stronger than porcelain. Arcopal tableware is famous for its translucent opal borosilicate glass, also known as "opal glass" or "Milk Glass. Arcopal France is microwave and dishwasher proof. Examples of Arocopal are; Lotus, Fruits de France, Veronica, Opale and more ... 

Arcoroc was launched in 1963. First as a brand for tempered glass. Later it became a professional brand used in the hospitality industry with cutlery, crockery and glassware made of tempered glass, Opal, hardened glass and Zenix. All Arcoroc products can be washed without any problems in the dishwasher until 2000 times. Examples of Arcoroc include Sierra and Octime

Sierra reflects southern warmth in impassioned glassware. Sierra is different. It's glassware with the structure of rough pottery. It’s also shock resistant so you can use it carefree for a very long time. Bowls, cups and saucers, salad bowls, in glowing ocher, red or green. 

Octime is the familiar black and white tableware made of tempered glass. The products are octagonal, hence the name...

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