More about RETRO and VINTAGE 

The definition of both terms are often confused with and mixed. Certainly in modern language they have become almost an equivalent of each other. Vintage is used for original products from a certain period of time. For example products from the 50s, 60s or 70s which were also produced in that area. Retro stands for a return to products and designs from the past. The design of new products is not so much a copy of an earlier product, but is inspired by it and refers back to it. Also at Retro & Design both terms are often used interchangeably, but we always offer the original products.

Brabantia is a company in the Dutch town of Aalst, in the province Brabant, which manufactures metal and plastic household products. The company started in 1919 with 15 employees under the name Van Elderen & Co. It was originally a metalwork company which supplied agriculture and the cigar industry: milk sieves, buckets, funnels, watering cans and cigar tins. After some time the name was changed to "Van Elderen's Metal Products Factories Brabantia". Around 1941 the first part of the name was omitted, and it’s now only reffered to as "Brabantia".

"Brabantia" is the Latin word for Brabant.


The popular design ‘Patrice’ was made by Patrice van Uden and introduced by Brabantia in 1970. This design is recognizable by its brown and cyclamen flowers on an orange background. The "flower element" was first designed and then composed of paper, after which a screen printing in two colors was made for the "artisanal appearance" of the pattern. The design was one of the most popular Brabantia patterns ever. It is still used in many Dutch households and offered regularly our webshop.

In the early seventies it was a must to save the household items made by Brabantia; pans, pedal bins, bread bins, coffee, tea and sugar cans, plant watering cans etc ...

Also well-known is the pattern with orange flowers, the official name of this decor is 'Diana'.

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