The word plastic is often used as an alternative for "synthetic material". A plastic is originally a synthetic that is used for plastic forming - heating in a mold under pressure – so an object can be created. Items made of plastic are ranged from chairs and tables to trays and bowls for snacks. In the Retro & Design webshop you can find a colorful variety of plastic designs. 

Emsa is a typical brand name that was spreading fame in the early 70s for its various well known colored household products. Emsa was originally founded on April 1st, 1949 by Franz Wulf as "Franz Wulf & Co. Plastic Fabrik" in Greven. A small drop-catcher for the coffee machine, made of plastic and in the form of a butterfly, was the first article of the company. After this they began the production of several different kitchen supplies. On October 1st 1956 the company from the city of Greven in Germany moved to the larger premises in Emsdetten. More objects were added to the range. Against the background of their location in Emsdetten and its main river Ems the company's name was changed on December 29th, 1964 into "Emsa". With a little bit of imagination you could see the German Emsa as an European counterpart of the American Tupperware

Curver Benelux BV
(better known as Curver) is originally a Dutch manufacturer of plastic household products. Curver starts of in 1949 as a small family business and is one of the pioneers using plastic materials. Curver, as one of the first companies, relies on the capabilities of plastics, the company becomes a trendsetter in this area.The company produces strong, durable copies for the market of traditional household items by using striking colors. They produced storage boxes, bottles carriers, baskets, sewing boxes and bins. These plastic design products will regularly encountered at Retro & Design.

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