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"Vintage Cigar Tin Presented as Artistic Treasure Chest by Elisabeth Bas"

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"Vintage Cigar Tin Presented as Artistic Treasure Chest by Elisabeth Bas"

  • Manufacturer: Elisabeth Bas
  • Manufacturing Date: 1950 - 1970

Product Description
The enchanting charm of the Cigar Tin, presented as a treasure chest, is a masterpiece by Elisabeth Bas that reflects the elegance of bygone eras. This elongated metal box, manufactured between 1950 and 1970, breathes history in every pore. The tin features a spherical projecting lid and is adorned with imitation metal bands and corner irons, adding a touch of vintage allure. Every detail of this tin is meticulously embossed with care.

The decoration of the tin creates the illusion of a wooden surface, complete with grain. The lid of this treasure chest is embellished with a beautiful coat of arms, surrounded by curling decorations known as volutes, while two-headed eagles adorn the short sides. A similar shield graces both the front and back, making this tin a true work of art. The front can be securely closed, preserving the precious contents. Additionally, this tin rests on four semi-circular feet embedded in the bottom.

Inside, the lid reveals a red label with golden details, featuring crowns flanking a woman's head next to the enchanting words 'ELISABETH BAS EXTRA.' This evokes nostalgia for a time when this cigar brand was known for its unique cigar bands, now beloved collectables.

Elisabeth Bas, based in Boxtel in the 1960s, drew inspiration from a masterpiece in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The painting, attributed to Ferdinand Bol, bears the name 'Elisabeth Jacobsdr Bas' and remains a mystery, much like the identity of the woman depicted. This tin, machine-stamped and printed, reflects this artistic heritage with its brown tint and various details.

Condition and Dimensions
In charming vintage condition, this tin proudly displays traces of use and age, giving it an authentic character. With dimensions of 12 cm in width, 9 cm in height, and 23 cm in length, this piece is a perfect addition for lovers of unique vintage finds. Examine the photos, which are an integral part of the description, and be captivated by the timeless elegance of the Cigar Tin as a Treasure Chest by Elisabeth Bas.

"Nostalgic Aromas: The Story of Elisabeth Bas Cigars"

In the vibrant 1960s, Elisabeth Bas gained fame as a cigar brand distinguished by its charming cigar bands. These small works of art are sought-after collectables to this day, as are the nostalgic cigar boxes, tins, and other memorabilia that recall the era of these special cigars.

The birthplace of this smoking pleasure was in Boxtel, where the factory thrived. Between 1988 and 2017, Elisabeth Bas joined forces with Arnold André, a like-minded company from the German town of Bünde, steeped in tradition in the field of cigars. Together, they formed a harmonious partnership within the Swedish Match conglomerate. However, in 2017, Arnold André decided to go solo, charting its own course and operating independently once again.

The name 'Elisabeth Bas' derives its charm from a painting rooted in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Attributed to Ferdinand Bol (1616-1680), the painting could possibly portray Elisabeth Bas herself, adding a touch of art and history to the smoking experience of these cigars.

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Country of origin
Netherlands - Holland

Kind of object
Vintage cigar tin by Elisabeth Bas in the shape of a wooden treasure chest

Cigarettes - tin - Elisabeth Bas - treasure chest - product packaging

Wood structure and heraldry

Vintage tins

Brown (wood) - gold - green - black - metal

Elisabeth Bas Cigars

Elisabeth Bas Cigars

Tin - metal - paint

Convex cross-over lid with closing option

1950 - 1970

Good vintage condition

9,00 cm

23,00 cm

12,00 cm

Shipping method
Parcel post with track & trace

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