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"Nostalgic Splendor: This Confetti Table Enamel Pan from the Heritage of DRU"

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"Nostalgic Splendor: This Confetti Table Enamel Pan from the Heritage of DRU"

  • Manufacturer: Diepenbrock and Reigers (DRU)
  • Design: Willem Gilles.
  • Manufacturing Date: 1955 - 1960

Product Description
Discover the timeless beauty and artisanal charm of this Confetti Table Enamel pan, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design from the heart of the Netherlands. With its unique round shape, beautifully black enamelled exterior, and lively Confetti dot motif, this pan is not only a kitchen accessory but also an artwork that brings together history and style.

Let yourself be enchanted by the vibrant colours of the dots: two tempting red dots and one sparkling yellow dot, carefully arranged on the black background, creating a striking and joyful contrast. The elegant red of the lid with its four concentric bands adds a touch of passion and refinement to this culinary treasure.

With its spacious measurements, including a height of 7.5 cm (with lid + knob 11.5 cm), length of 28 cm, and diameter of 23.5 cm, this Confetti Table Enamel pan provides you with all the space you need to prepare and serve delicious meals.

Yes, this pan bears traces of use and wear that attest to its long history, but these only add character to this unique piece. The attached photos show you exactly what to expect, so you can confidently enjoy the exquisite condition of this vintage treasure.

As you hold this pan in your hands, you feel the legacy of DRU, one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands, combining craftsmanship and expertise since 1754. The culture and history of Ulft come to life in this pan, meticulously crafted by Diepenbrock and Reigers (DRU) under the masterful design of Willem Gilles, who, along with Piet Zwart, is considered one of the early founders of Dutch industrial designers.

The story of DRU goes beyond mere production. It began as an iron hut in 1754 and evolved into a legendary brand with a rich history. The Diepenbrock and Reigers families revived the Ulft hut, creating the name DRU, synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

Add this Confetti Table Enamel pan to your collection today and infuse your kitchen with a touch of artistic flair and historical depth. Bring home the rich traditions of Dutch craftsmanship and design, and cherish a piece of heritage every time you stand behind the stove. This vintage-like pan can still be used as a pan, or of course, for decorative purposes.

Country of origin
Netherlands - Holland

Kind of object
Round black enameled pan from DRU with Confetti dots motif on the side, with red lid

Pan - container - kitchenware - equipment - preparing food - cooking - household - kitchen

Confetti dots decor

Brocante - enamel

Black - red - yellow - white


Diepenbrock en Reigers (DRU)

Koninklijke Diepenbrock & Reigers N.V. Ulft

Wim Gilles


Metal - enamel

Separate lid with handle (knob)

1955 - 1965

Vintage, Brocante with traces of use and wear

7.50 cm (with lid + knob 11.50 cm)

28,00 cm

23,50 cm

Shipping method
Parcel post with track & trace

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