Reviews 2018



  • Posted by Koen
    23-12-2018 | 12.19

    "Found some Tupperware here in very good condition that's no longer available for purchase. Fast delivery."

  • Posted by Agnes
    17-12-2018 | 13.02

    "Very pleased to have been able to add to my 43-year-old Arcoroc Sierra red and green dinnerware. Items look almost unused."

  • Posted by Ralph
    29-11-2018 | 21.25

    "Cool stuff, scored a nice vintage citrus press here."

  • Posted by Sandra D
    25-11-2018 | 19.28

    "Super cool memories from the past, including Tupperware's "hollow ball" lamp"

  • Posted by Katelijne De Nijn
    18-11-2018 | 17.34

    "Very happy with the children's game 'Jantje dreams' from earlier times... A childhood memory brought to life... Thank you!"

  • Posted by Thomas
    14-11-2018 | 20.37

    "Bought a beautiful tin, happy with it. I think I'll be buying more here in the future."

  • Posted by Jannie
    12-11-2018 | 15.56

    "Very happy with the sealable party snack bowls from Tupperware! Saw them being used at the painting club to mix paint and store leftovers airtight for the next time, super practical! Unfortunately no longer available new, luckily still available via your site ? And fast delivery, arrived the next day, thank you very much!"

  • Posted by J. Steenbergen
    10-11-2018 | 12.23

    "Fast delivery and product meets expectations."

  • Posted by Carla
    09-11-2018 | 12.41

    "Bought a Tupperware sieve with handle. Super handy. Well packed and delivered quickly."

  • Posted by H.K.
    07-11-2018 | 15.46

    "Ordered a WASA crispbread tin. White, yellow, and blue. Carefully packed and quickly delivered. Very happy, especially because the tin is in very good condition and looks beautiful. Very satisfied with the purchase and the handling. Thank you!"

  • Posted by Yvonne
    03-11-2018 | 13.38

    "What a nice site. Really recognizable brands from the past. Just ordered. Now waiting."

  • Posted by Jan
    03-11-2018 | 11.24

    "What a nice site, compliments, let's see if there's anything to my liking."

  • Posted by Jet Bogerd
    25-10-2018 | 12.58

    "Received the tins yesterday afternoon, they look beautiful among the collection. Many thanks and definitely until next time!"


  • Posted by Rowan
    24-10-2018 | 16.08

    "Nice items with clear descriptions on the website, good delivery, and a personal note. Completely satisfied!"

  • Posted by Jacoline
    24-10-2018 | 14.45

    "Very happy with the coffee tin and thanks for the nice card with a personal message!"

  • Posted by Ferdy
    19-10-2018 | 16.59

    "Found a Tupperware shaker at Retro & Design and discovered through your site that I still have many more Tupperware items at home. Nice and retro! Also thanks for the neat and quick handling of my order! Nice that you also include a personal touch in the form of a card."

  • Posted by Maike Hofstee
    19-10-2018 | 12.55

    "Received a beautiful orange (mechanical) typewriter! Very nice to see my youth in a suitcase again. :-) Package was neatly packed, delivered very quickly, within 2 days of ordering. You have me as a regular customer because the communication around this order was very pleasant and informative. Plus, you're reasonably priced. Thanks also for the nice card with the "warm greeting".

  • Posted by Laila Ahlgren
    19-09-2018 | 17.11

    Today recieved last pacage of two. Ruby red Arcoroc Sienna 6 drinking glasses, 4 small bowls and one soup plate. I love them. Will look out for more pieces of Sierra arcoroc glasswares in ruby red. Thank you for nice deal, superb wrapping, and personal note. Nice!

  • Posted by Stefanie
    19-09-2018 | 16.20

    "hello, a few days ago I ordered the duet plates from Tupperware from you. Not for myself, but for work. I work with people with intellectual disabilities and they use the 2 old duet plates we still had, three times a day. So you can imagine how disappointed we were when one was broken in a fit of anger. But how happy was I when I found you after a long search and could buy a whole stack of these plates in super nice and above all sturdy condition. I was just as happy with the fast delivery, I received them just before my shift today, and could take them to work immediately, where they are going to enjoy delicious fries tonight. So Retro & Design, thank you very much for the good service, and the sweet card that came with it!"


  • Posted by Krista
    19-09-2018 | 13.16

    "Thanks for the order, it was well packed and with a thoughtful card included!"

  • Posted by Joanne
    11-09-2018 | 19.21

    "Hello, here's a message about the item I ordered from you. It looks great, without any damage and it was well packed. I'm looking for Brabantia items every day on your site and hope to find more there. Hopefully also a fondue set sometime. Thank you very much for the nice order."

    Greetings Joanne.

  • Posted by Voos
    10-09-2018 | 18.25

    "Good evening,
    The order arrived today. Thank you for the careful handling."

    Kind regards, R.Voos

  • Posted by R van Heijningen
    03-09-2018 | 09.07

    "Normally I don't leave messages when I order something online. But when I ordered some nice stuff and opened the box, there was a nice card included. This card had a nice thank-you message on it. That's really nice, just a little card to thank you for buying something. I thought it was very nice. The tins have found a nice place in my kitchen, I'm very happy with them. Thanks for this Retro & Design"

  • Posted by L Huisman-Zijlstra
    01-09-2018 | 16.41

    "Bought the Tip Tap Top game via the website for a client. Delivered quickly. Is tip (tap) top in order."

  • Posted by Ann
    23-08-2018 | 22.18

    So pleased to have found replacements for our damaged Arcoroc Octime plates. They arrived today superbly packed, and the personal note was a delightful touch. This will be the first place we look if we have any more breakages. 

  • Posted by Vuokko M
    15-08-2018 | 16.48

    Did just receive 12 sets of Arcoroc Sierra ruby coffee cups. Perfect condition, I am very satisfied. Service was excellent, smooth payment and quick delivery. Thank you a lot....!  Will check every now and then, if you'll happen to get the dinner and/or soup plates.  

  • Posted by Noor
    08-08-2018 | 21.00

    "No coffee without this tin. Been looking for it for a long time. Fast shipping, well packed, personal card, very happy."

  • Posted by Ria
    24-07-2018 | 14.41

    "Very happy with my retro Verkade biscuit tin that will get a nice spot in my house. Personal card included, nice!"

  • Posted by Maarten
    17-07-2018 | 10.18

    "Bought an old drum I was specifically looking for. Perfectly delivered including a personal card. Recommended!"

  • Posted by Frank in England
    12-07-2018 | 20.39

    I purchased a set of Arcoroc plates approx. 30 years ago. Unfortunately I broke one of them, but thanks to this site I have managed to finally replace it!

    I feel whole once more! 

    Good prompt service from the Netherlands to England, and the piece arrived in good order.

    Nice hand written note for that personal touch. I shall now have to learn Dutch to be able to read the newspaper used for packing! 

  • Posted by Wolbertus Visser
    05-07-2018 | 18.20

    "I'm completely happy with the Klinkhamer cookie tin."

  • Posted by Ruud
    01-07-2018 | 18.53

    "Ordered coffee, tea, and sugar canisters from the 1970s. Received neatly and sufficiently packed within a few days. Thanks for the fast delivery and personal thank-you card. Super nice!"

  • Posted by Bert
    22-06-2018 | 18.14

    "Sunday, June 18th, ordered 4 Artico 25cm plates, and received them on Friday, June 22nd. I think they have been used, that wasn't clear when ordering, but the plates look good otherwise.

    Packaging was fine, so it's almost impossible for anything to go wrong during transport. Very personal package, there was a handwritten postcard with a personal message, that doesn't happen often."

    Kind regards, Bert

  • Posted by Kitty
    19-06-2018 | 15.40

    "Thank you very much for the cool Ot and Sien tins, the Winter tin I already had, I got it from my mother. I have a lot of tins in my collection. I'm very happy with them, I'm getting a new kitchen, where I have five glass cabinets, they'll get a nice place there. Thanks again." 

    Greetings Kitty

  • Posted by Wolbertus Visser
    14-06-2018 | 18.33

    "Today I received the beautiful Klinkhamer cookie tin in excellent condition and well packed. Thank you very much. Item matches the photos shown on the R&D website. Excellent service!"

    Best regards, J. and W. Visser

  • Posted by Eric
    04-06-2018 | 15.53

    "The purchased items match the photos and description. No "hidden" defects. Fast and smooth delivery. Extremely safely packed! Highly recommended!"

  • Posted by Geert
    29-05-2018 | 15.29

    "Last Sunday I ordered several cups and bowls from Arcopal France. Today, Tuesday, everything arrived well packed and therefore undamaged. It's a blast from the past. Many thanks."

  • Posted by Sam
    25-05-2018 | 14.46

    "Very satisfied with my first purchase from Retro & Design VOF. Looking forward to seeing more items!"

  • Posted by Veerle
    14-05-2018 | 19.32

    "Received the package within a few days, nicely packed. Thanks for the smooth service."

  • Posted by Anneke Roovers
    13-05-2018 | 20.27

    "Bought Arcoroc Sierra green bowls, cups, etc. It was neatly packed and ready for me. Completely satisfied with my purchase!"

  • Posted by Kathleen
    07-05-2018 | 20.43

    "I bought a Brabantia bread bin as a birthday present. It took a little time between payment and actual receipt, but once received: gorgeous! Beautifully packaged, with an extra card included! And especially, despite being 'vintage', it's in really good condition! Thank you! The birthday girl is also very happy with it!"

  • Posted by Inge
    03-05-2018 | 17.49

    "Thanks for the good service! Exactly what I expected! Beautiful tins, I'll make someone very happy with them!"

  • Posted by Sandra
    23-04-2018 | 15.37

    "Thanks for the beautiful D.E. tins. My daughter was thrilled with them!"

  • Posted by Dorothe
    13-04-2018 | 13.36

    "Received the package within a few days, it was well packed. Product as shown in the photos, so all good. Thanks!"

  • Posted by Ferdinand Schäfer
    12-04-2018 | 12.16

    "Many thanks for the fast delivery! Everything arrived in good condition, even though the packaging was damaged - but that's logistics... The Heineken coasters look very good! See you soon!"

  • Posted by Eveline
    10-04-2018 | 13.12

    "I've been using my yellow Tupperware colander-with-handle with great pleasure for years, so I looked for the same thing for my daughter. Found it at Retro & Design! Fast shipping, received it perfectly, thank you!"

  • Posted by Henny
    07-04-2018 | 15.58

    "Thanks for the fast (and well-packed) delivery of the soup bowls, now my set is complete again!"

  • Posted by D. Boersma-Bolle
    30-03-2018 | 14.06

    "Now I have a very nice retro ashtray for my girlfriend's 74th birthday, Thanks and Happy Easter"


  • Posted by Cornelis Joost Mulder
    26-03-2018 | 03.44

    'Sorry. But perhaps better late than never. Thanks for the beautiful old drill cover with ratchet (order number 1657, ordered February 27, 2018). Delivery went well. Best wishes, regards, etc. "

    Joost Mulder.

  • Posted by Ann Segaert
    25-03-2018 | 19.29

    "Ordered 6 cups with saucers. The order was delivered in very good condition and everything went smoothly. Highly recommended with a wide range of products."

  • Posted by Pam
    22-03-2018 | 22.18

    "Received a beautiful JAJ England baking dish! Description and photo were spot on. Very good service; emails are answered promptly. Have ordered here before and will definitely do it again. See you soon!"

  • Posted by Ingrid Visser
    21-03-2018 | 21.49

    "Today I was able to pick up a beautiful Verkade biscuit tin... looks good! I'm happy with it."

  • Posted by Tobias
    21-03-2018 | 16.27

    Super happy with the 4 white vintage Tupperware mugs I ordered. Very well packed and in good condition. Next time I only order from this store.

    Six out of five in review from me.  

  • Posted by Wesley Markus
    03-03-2018 | 18.57

    "Thank you very much for your prompt service. I am extremely happy with my new Orange Retro Brabantia set. They all still look great, especially that bread bin which I absolutely love. It was the first time I saw it in this design, usually they have flowers and that doesn't fit well in my little house, but this one with chrome front and those matching storage jars, really beautiful. I'm very glad I found your website, will visit it more often when I need something retro, thanks again for everything"

    Sincerely: Wesley

  • Posted by Rob de Koning
    21-02-2018 | 16.22

    "Today I picked up the "Blue House" cookie tin from Rien Poorten. A little delayed but no problem and very well packed. I'm happy with it and will definitely visit Retro & design again."

  • Posted by Monique Senders
    14-02-2018 | 15.00

    "Today I picked up the breakfast plate with Spakenburg traditional costume motif at the service point. It's beautiful!"

  • Posted by Marc
    06-02-2018 | 15.41

    "Great service, fast delivery, only the packaging could be a little less. Thanks again!!!"

  • Posted by Arja
    23-01-2018 | 19.02

    "Excellent and prompt delivery and well packed!"

  • Posted by Conny
    14-01-2018 | 20.21

    "Late last year I bought a Tupperware jug and it's very good. The quality is good and I'm very happy with it."

  • Posted by Andrzej
    13-01-2018 | 22.08

    I’ve got what I ordered, fast and in perfect condition. I highly recommend this webshop.

  • Posted by Linda
    12-01-2018 | 20.55

    "Ordered a Tupperware bowl via the website. The product was delivered quickly and is in good condition."

  • Posted by Hans Versluis
    12-01-2018 | 16.18

    "Ordered 2 wall plates from the series "Rotterdam stronger through struggle" Everything arranged within 2 days. Received without damage due to very good packaging Price is very reasonable. In short; A nice company to do business with. Definitely worth repeating!"

  • Posted by Serge
    07-01-2018 | 11.43

    "My order, some vintage tins, arrived in good condition as described on your site. Safely packed and delivered quickly. Thanks for the smooth transaction and until next time!"

    Happy 2018, Serge
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