Reviews 2015



  • Posted by Jan-Tjalling Oosten
    31-12-2015 | 02.01

    "I bought the vintage Verkade beschuitbus that my parents used to have at home. It was nicely packaged, like a gift, with transparent wrapping and a bow. It was also well protected in a box during shipping. The handwritten note added an extra special touch. Wishing you a prosperous and happy 2016 too!"

  • Posted by Janssen
    23-12-2015 | 10.48

    "I ordered Arcopal bowls for my mother. The website was easy to navigate, and the delivery was quick. The bowls looked great, and everything was well and festively packaged. Thank you!"

  • Posted by M.Steenhoek
    22-12-2015 | 13.25

    "Fantastic, ordered yesterday, arrived today. Perfect service, couldn't be happier."

  • Posted by Mieke Koekenbier
    18-12-2015 | 17.56

    "What a great site, excellent service, and delivery. Definitely recommend it!"

  • Posted Mayor Brok
    15-12-2015 | 21.21

    "What an accessible website! Such fun products. Best of luck with your business!"

  • Posted by Jeanet
    10-12-2015 | 09.15

    "Top-notch! What a fast and neat delivery, with a Christmas card included. We're happy with the tins; they're just as beautiful in real life as they are in the photos!"

    Regards, Jeanet

  • Posted by H.Rolff
    08-12-2015 | 14.42

    "Thank you for the salad spinner. We're very happy with it. The previous one lasted for 30 years. Thanks for the Christmas card and the fast shipping."

  • Posted by Laura
    03-12-2015 | 12.37

    "Hello R&D,

    Beautiful packaging, beautiful tin with a lovely Christmas card included. Thank you."

  • Posted by Christi
    02-12-2015 | 20.59

    "Lightning-fast delivery, cheerfully packaged, and a beautiful cookie jar in good condition. Top-notch!"

  • Posted by kitty janssen-bleeker
    02-12-2015 | 09.37

    "Hello Kenko Retro and Design,
    Thank you for the Tupperware bread bin. It was a quick delivery and nicely wrapped with a ribbon, plus the handwritten note was a nice touch. Excellent service. I had been looking for the Tupperware bread bin for a long time, but you had it, top-notch!"

    Best regards,

  • Posted by Nienke
    01-12-2015 | 10.28

    Fast repliers! And received the fishplates in good order and really fast. Thanks guys! 

  • Posted by Fam. Betjes
    29-11-2015 | 13.30

    "Thank you very much for sending the Retro football game. As I mentioned before, our son, now 40, received this from 'Santa Claus' when he was 4 years old, and now our 4-year-old grandson will receive this game. We still often play with the old game, but some of the figures and springs are broken, so we're thrilled to have found your site. We'll let you know our grandson's reaction.

    Kind regards,"

    Jan and Corrie

  • Posted by Gulbahar
    29-11-2015 | 02.55

    "I bought some really nice bowls and glasses here, and I'm very satisfied. Everything was neatly packaged, and I'll definitely shop here again next time. Thanks for the great items and service."

  • Posted by Melissa
    ​12-11-2015 | 20.36

    "Extremely satisfied! We ordered our Tupperware milk and sugar set on Sunday evening and received it yesterday already." 

  • Posted by Tamara
    10-11-2015 | 15.26

    "Good, fast and friendly service!"

  • Posted by Davis
    08-11-2015 | 21.05

    The brabantia tins arrived in plenty of time for my wife's birthday. She absolutely loved them! Thank you so much Retro and Design! Your customer service is incredible.

  • Posted by Yvonne horsmans.
    05-11-2015 | 23.19

    "I'm very happy that I was able to acquire my long-desired game through you.
    Best regards."


  • Posted by serge
    04-11-2015 | 22.51

    "We found a nice vase for our collection here. Great price. Safely packaged. Quickly shipped. Triple AAA, we'd say!!!"

  • Posted by Herman
    04-11-2015 | 22.44

    "That's what I call service and speed from Retro & Design => Ergo: Top in terms of customer orientation!

    Why, you may ask?

    Ordered 10 glasses which arrived within 3 days in Belgium.
    Unfortunately, the warnings (fragile, etc.) on the package didn't quite have the desired effect.
    One glass didn't survive the "meet" in its original state and became a very complicated Chinese puzzle.
    Contacted Retro & Design about this immediately via email. A few hours later, we received a very satisfying response.
    Within 2 days, we had a replacement glass at home. Not just one, but two.
    All glasses are now being used extremely satisfactorily.

    What else can one say about your way of accommodating the customer. Simply top-notch!!!!

    With thanks and kind regards."

  • Posted by Tineke
    30-10-2015 | 14.58

    "I recently discovered this online store with such funny stuff from the past! And plenty of nice things to give as gifts. Thank you for the fast delivery of the wooden toys - and the little one is super happy with them!"

  • Posted by Linda
    20-10-2015 | 18.09

    "There's no better colander than the one my mother bought for her wedding 40 years ago from Tupperware. Now, it was broken, and that was a problem. Yesterday, I found it at Retro and Design, and today I already have it! I was able to make my mother very happy! Thank you for the excellent service. And it was also neatly packaged!"

  • Posted by aukje
    20-10-2015 | 12.54

    "The wooden nutcracker has arrived, nicely packaged with a little card included. What a luxury! Thank you very much."

  • Posted by Karin
    26-09-2015 | 06.20

    "After almost thirty years, the most used parts of my dinnerware set all broke. Here, I found both the deep plates and the mugs that I was missing, and within a day, I had them at home. Everything was perfectly packaged and arrived without any damage. Excellent service, I will definitely be checking here more often!"

  • Posted by Ruth
    30-08-2015 | 23.12

    "I had been searching for an affordable Tupperware microwave steamer for quite some time. I surfed the internet and found this site. There, I found exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price. I am very satisfied with the product and also with the super quick resolution of a misunderstanding regarding the delivery address. A very reliable site that I wholeheartedly recommend. I will definitely be checking it more often when I'm looking for something special. This site truly deserves 5 stars from me!"

  • Posted by Ella
    20-08-2015 | 15.11

    "What a surprise: the cup from the previous order, which had a crack, I found today as a gift with my new order! The personal messages on the postcards give you a good feeling..."

  • Posted by Ella
    18-08-2015 | 22.12

    "The next day, the order arrived, well packed, already! Unfortunately, there was one cup with a crack, but this was promptly resolved after reporting it."

  • Posted by Tineke
    14-08-2015 | 22.21

    "Fast delivery of my order. Everything looks perfect."

  • Posted by Ben Commandeur
    13-08-2015 | 11.41

    "The ordered item has been received in good condition. Excellent."

  • Posted by Helia
    04-08-2015 | 19.26

    "I just wanted to let you know that we (especially my mother) are super happy. The dish, plates, and cups are beautiful!!! Thank you very much for the fast service."

  • Posted by wynant
    03-08-2015 | 14.46

    "Beautiful Marlboro ashtray, in like-new condition, very well taken care of. In the future, I will definitely make more purchases from you! A satisfied customer"


  • Posted by Albert
    30-07-2015 | 16.41

    "I was looking for clothing hangers from the sixties. Found beautiful brown ones made of skai on this site. Fast delivery. They look fantastic. Happy with this purchase."

  • Posted by Silvia
    29-07-2015 | 19.52

    "Fast delivery and neatly packaged. Happy with my plug lamp!"

  • Posted by Laura
    16-07-2015 | 16.40

    "Fun and unique Daily Fable tin. Fast delivery and neatly packaged. Top-notch!"

  • Posted by pierre
    04-07-2015 | 15.07

    "my lamps have arrived exactly the way they were described, perfectly packed for transport as well. thank you Retro-en-design"

  • Posted by marja jooren
    22-06-2015 | 18.57

    "Last Saturday I received my ordered Paula biscuit tin, and in reality, it's even more beautiful than in the picture... I'm very happy with it and also for the fast shipping and service!! Awesome!!"

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