Bank transfer / Pre transfer
A transfer is the most standard way of paying. Anyone with access to internet banking has the opportunity to pay in this way.

If you choose to transfer, you will see a screen with a payment request with a unique feature. As a customer, you can immediately log into your own familiar banking environment to transfer the amount, or you can choose to first send the request to your e-mail and transfer it later.

Our webshop works with 'transfer via Mollie'. Is the transaction not correct? Then Mollie will automatically return it.

Mollie processes payments for webshops. You can see them as an intermediary; they ensure that your money goes safely from the bank to the webshop. Because they take care of the payment process for our webshop, you see Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments on your bank statement.

Pay with Pre transfer?
Select this option in the payment menu.


Do you want to know more about Banktransfer - Pre-transfer - Wire transfer?
Visit the website of Wikipedia


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