More about GLASSWARE

In domestic use, glass is used, with different requirements for strength and resistance to temperature. Household glassware is sometimes provided with decorations, achieved by etching, glazing, stained glass, or other colouring.

Examples of articles that can be made of glass are:

  • wine glass, tea glass
  • vase
  • oven dish
  • carafe

Glassware in the household does not withstand washing in a dishwasher and quickly becomes dull from the detergent.

A well-known example of glassware from the 1970s are the well-known apple-shaped bowls in large and small. they were often, appropriately, used to serve the applesauce.

Also known are the glass heads. An ideal item to put on your sunglasses, cap/hat or headphones or a nice standard for a wig. Originally, these types of glass heads were issued with the large headphones that were sold for stereo equipment in the 1970s. They were issued in various colors and are still very decorative.

More common are the tea glasses. They come in different shapes and sizes. A tea glass is a glass cup. It is common practice to drink tea from a glass. Tea glasses are heat resistant and can therefore be used for all kinds of hot drinks. The capacity of most tea glasses is about 0.25 liters.

Drinking tea from glass became popular in the 1960s. The tea would taste better than from a then more commonly used earthenware cup. It is mainly used as a cheap alternative (because of the taste) to porcelain.

Glass art is part of the visual arts. The most famous example is the stained glass window (especially in church buildings).

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