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"Enchanting Vintage: Experience the Magic of this Hille's Rusk Tin!"

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"Enchanting Vintage: Experience the Magic of this Hille's Rusk Tin!"

  • Manufacturer: Hille Zaandam
  • Manufacturing Date: 1950 - 1965

Product Description:
Immerse yourself in the charm of this exquisite round, white rusk tin with a hint of nostalgia from Hille. This unique rusk tin, produced between 1950 and 1965, transports you to an era where craftsmanship and artistry flourished.

The round, tall cylindrical rusk tin features a spherical loose-fitting lid, giving it a timeless appeal. The decoration is simple yet effective: a cream-colored background adorned with four charming pastel drawings, separated by light brown lines. Discover illustrated images of eggshells, bundled sheaves of grain, a farmer with milk pails, a milked cow and milk churns, and a breakfast table with rusk.

The lid bears the recognizable Hille logo with a cute elephant, while the bottom is adorned with a relief of an elephant and a star, accompanied by the text "HILLE Zaandam Holland." A sincere homage to the craftsmanship and rich history of Hille.

Hille Rusk, founded in 1901 by the talented son of a baker named K. Hille, has undergone a successful evolution. Initially producing luxury rusk in tin containers, the company later introduced clever innovations, offering rusk in simple parchment paper bags, making rusk accessible to everyone. A true pioneer who made rusk beloved in the Netherlands and beyond.

Explore the timeless grace of Hille's rusk tin and relish a touch of nostalgia.

This rusk tin attests to Hille's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. While it is in a vintage condition with various signs of use and wear over the years, it is a remarkable piece of history that would be a beautiful addition to any collection or a charming accent for the interior.

With a height of 21 cm and a diameter of 10.5 cm, this rusk tin is both functional and a beautiful piece of vintage decor.


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