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"Vintage Red ARK Cracker Tin with Flowers and Butterflies: Timeless Beauty and Bakery History"

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"Vintage Red ARK Cracker Tin with Flowers and Butterflies: Timeless Beauty and Bakery History"

  • Manufacturer: ARK
  • Manufacturing Date: 1950 - 1975

Product Description:
This beautiful red vintage cracker tin from ARK, dating between 1950 and 1975, is a timeless piece that reflects the rich history of ARK. Admire the craftsmanship of ARK, with a loose snap-on lid featuring an elegant rolled edge and adorned with flowers, butterflies, and stars. The tall round cracker tin exudes authenticity with a seamed side in both the top and bottom, and the decoration consists of a red background with white flowers and gold-colored butterflies and stars. Open the lid to reveal the blank interior, a subtle counterpart to the vibrant exterior.

In good vintage condition, this ARK cracker tin shows normal signs of use and age-related wear, adding to its character. The detailed decoration and the brand name "ARK" on the lid's edge bring a touch of nostalgia to your home.

With measurements of 22.6 cm in height and a diameter of 11.0 cm, this piece effortlessly fits into various interior styles.

Transport yourself to the early days of Ark's, a craft bakery that later evolved into an iconic cracker factory on Zwolseweg. Add a touch of history and charm to your home with this vintage ARK cracker tin - a tribute to the rich bakery tradition of yesteryear! Share the memories and enjoy the unique aesthetic that this piece has to offer.


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