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Enchanting Verkade Biscuit Tin with Iconic Verkade Girls - A Piece of History!

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Enchanting Verkade Biscuit Tin with Iconic Verkade Girls - A Piece of History!

  • Manufacturer: Royal Verkade Factories B.V. - Zaandam
  • Manufacturing Date: 1980s

Product Description:
Experience the magic of yesteryears with this beautiful Verkade Biscuit tin, originating from the Royal Verkade Factories B.V. in Zaandam. This unique cookie or biscuit tin, featuring a detachable lid, embodies the enchantment of Verkade's famous girls.

The striking design, with elegant red and white decorative letters on a deep black background, stylishly brings the text "De meisjes van Verkade" (The girls of Verkade) to life. The lid, adorned in vibrant shades from orange to yellow, pays a beautiful tribute to the beloved 'girls of Verkade' from the Zaanse biscuit factory.

Let yourself be transported by the image on the lid, where two graceful young ladies sit under a parasol, captured in the distinctive style of the 1920s, also known as the 'Roaring Twenties.'

This Verkade tin, in a beautiful vintage condition with subtle traces of use and age-related character, not only provides a nostalgic atmosphere but also a piece of history. Detailed photos are an integral part of the description, allowing you to admire every charming detail.


  • Height: 10 cm
  • Length: 28 cm
  • Width: 21 cm

Add this unique piece of Verkade history to your collection today and give your interior a touch of timeless charm!

"The Sweet History of Dutch Cookies and Verkade's Biscuit Masterpiece"

A cookie, also known as a biscuit or meelkoekje, is the term for a type of cookie used in some Dutch dialects for a particular kind of biscuit. These cookies can be round or rectangular, crispy, light in color, and dry. A variant with coconut and sugar is often referred to as Brusselse kermis, while Albert Heijn calls its coconut biscuits Zaanse kermis.

An interesting, albeit likely incorrect anecdote claims that the Netherlands received Marshall Aid because then-Prime Minister Willem Drees received the American representative not with a state banquet but with a cup of tea and a Maria biscuit. According to the story, the representative thought that the Netherlands apparently needed the support, and a country with such a frugal prime minister would undoubtedly spend the money wisely.

Verkade is the largest biscuit producer in the Netherlands, starting biscuit production in 1911. The range quickly expanded, with names like Marie, Demi Lune, Croquette, Petit-Beurre, and Café Noir. Sales increased significantly, especially during World War I when the import of biscuits from England stagnated. In addition to tins, Verkade albums are also popular among collectors, with 35 different ones issued between 1903 and 1940, and another five after 1965.

Verkade Biskwie Tin. Koninklijke Verkade Fabrieken B.V. Nostalgic vintage cookie tin. Biscuit tin. Girls from Verkade. 1920s Style. Roaring Twenties. History. Nostalgic Decoration. Cookie history. Collectible. Design. History.

Country of origin
Netherlands - Holland

Kind of object
Biscuit tin - cookie tin

The Verkade girls - cookie - biscuit - product packaging - advertising

Nostalgic image with two ladies (Girls from Verkade)

Vintage tins

Black - red - orange - yellow

Verkade's fabrieken Zaandam

Koninklijke Verkade Fabrieken B.V. - Zaandam


Tin - metal - paint

Loose lid - The girls of Verkade


Vintage with normal traces of use

10,00 cm

28,00 cm

21,00 cm

Shipping method
Parcel post with track & trace

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