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"Nostalgic Beauty: Vintage Verkade Cracker Tin with Gold Craquelure and Rose Motif"

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"Nostalgic Beauty: Vintage Verkade Cracker Tin with Gold Craquelure and Rose Motif"

  • Manufacturer: Verkade Factories N.V. Zaandam Holland
  • Manufacturing Date: 1950 - 1969

Product Description
Timeless elegance! This cream-yellow vintage cracker tin is a masterpiece from Verkade Factories N.V. in Zaandam, Holland. With a manufacturing date between 1950 and 1969, this piece breathes style and charm into history.

The round tin cracker container features a removable snap-on lid and boasts a beautiful craquelure pattern on a cream-coloured background. Golden craquelure lines dance across the surface, accompanied by a colourful, hand-painted floral border also present on the lid. The entire design exudes timeless class, complete with the distinctive text "Koninklijke Verkade Factories N.V. Zaandam Holland."

Open the lid to reveal a golden surprise inside, adding an extra touch of brilliance to this piece.

This tin cracker container exhibits normal signs of a rich history, with traces of use and age-related wear contributing to its authentic charm. The condition is beautifully captured in the accompanying photos, which are an integral part of the description.

With a height of 21.5 cm and a diameter of 11.1 cm, this Verkade cracker tin is a subtle eye-catcher for any space.

Dive into Verkade's heritage, a pioneer who opened the Steam Bread and Cracker Factory 'De Ruyter' on May 2, 1886, in Zaandam. What started as a modest bread and cracker production evolved into a great success, with Verkade regularly adding new products to its lineup.

This cracker tin carries the heritage of Verkade, which received the prestigious Royal designation in 1950. Add this piece of history to your collection and embrace the timeless elegance of Verkade.

"Verkade: A Culinary Legacy of Craftsmanship and Innovation"

Explore the rich history of Verkade, where craftsmanship and innovation converge. On May 2, 1886, Ericus Gerhardus Verkade opened his Steam Bread and Cracker Factory 'De Ruyter' on the idyllic banks of the Zaan. A humble start with bread and crackers laid the foundation for a success story, regularly expanding the product range.

Born in 1835 as the son of a notary in Vlaardingen, fate led Verkade to a boarding school after his father's death. Returning to his birthplace, the Zaanstreek, Verkade witnessed the industrial challenges of his time. The 19th century brought aging industrial machinery, clinging to windmills. The Canal Act of 1863 brought change, with channelized water and a direct railway connection, allowing Verkade to shape his entrepreneurship from his legacy.

Despite the setback of a fire in 1875, Verkade transformed his fate and traded in oil-bearing grains. As a born manufacturer, he opted for a bread factory, despite his lack of bakery experience, to fulfil the absence of large-scale bread production in the countryside.

On May 2, 1886, Verkade started his bakery 'De Ruyter' on an expansive terrain along the Zaan. Here, not only bread but also crackers were baked, efficiently utilizing the heat from the ovens. The name 'De Ruyter' honoured the past, referring to Zaandam-west's first mill with the same name.

In 1950, Verkade received the prestigious Royal designation, a recognition of his dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Explore Verkade's culinary legacy, where taste and tradition converge in a timeless tale of Royal allure.

Vintage Rusk tin. Verkade History. De Ruyter Bakery. Royal Verkade Factories. Ericus Gerhardus Verkade. Zaanstreek Industrial History. Dutch Culinary Heritage. Artisanal Bread Production. Royal Predicate 1950.

Country of origin
Netherlands - Holland

Kind of object
Vintage tin rusk tin from Verkade with a rose decoration

Verkade - rusk - storage - storage - tin - rusk tin - roses

Roses and crackle

Vintage tins

Cream - red - yellow - green - blue

Verkade's fabrieken Zaandam

Verkade's fabrieken Zaandam


Tin - metal - paint

loose lid

1950 - 1969

Good vintage condition

21,50 cm

11,00 cm

Shipping method
Parcel post with track & trace

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