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Vintage Royco Soup Tin with Ot and Sien Illustrations - A Timeless Work of Art

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Vintage Royco Soup Tin with Ot and Sien Illustrations - A Timeless Work of Art

  • Manufacturer: Royco
  • Manufacture Date: 1980 - 1989

Product Description:
This charming vintage Royco soup tin, produced in the 1980s, offers an enchanting combination of nostalgia and craftsmanship. The rectangular tin, adorned with beautiful illustrations of Ot and Sien by C. Jetses, is a valuable addition for collectors and lovers of historical objects.


  • Dimensions: The tin measures 16 cm in height, 12 cm in length, and 8 cm in width. These dimensions make the tin visually appealing and practical for display in kitchens or collections.
  • Material and Construction: The tin features a hinged overlap lid with a needle hinge, adding functionality and an authentic vintage feel.
  • Design: The design is characterized by a cream-coloured background with predominantly orange and brown lines. The front and back are adorned with vivid images of Ot and Sien, framed in colorful borders. Black silhouette figures in circles complete the visual ensemble, along with the text "ROYCO" and four poems about Ot and Sien.

Historical Context:
Ot and Sien are beloved main characters from early 20th-century Dutch children's stories. These stories, written by Hindericus Scheepstra and Jan Ligthart, with illustrations by Cornelis Jetses, bring the everyday family life of that time to life. The tin takes you back to this era, where domesticity and warmth were central.

This Royco tin is in good condition, with normal signs of use that contribute to its vintage charm. Detailed photos provide a complete view of the condition of this unique item.

Benefits and Interesting Aspects:

  • Nostalgic Value: For lovers of historical objects and stories, this tin offers a direct connection to the past.
  • Collectible: With its specific features and beautiful design, this soup tin is a must-have for collectors.
  • Decorative: The tin is a striking decorative element that adds a touch of nostalgia to any space.

Immerse yourself in the timeless world of Ot and Sien with this unique Royco soup tin. Add this piece of history to your collection and let the magic of Ot and Sien come alive.


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