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Nostalgic Tin, Van Nelle's Steam Coffee Roastery and Tea Trade from 1976

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Nostalgic Tin, Van Nelle's Steam Coffee Roastery and Tea Trade from 1976

  • Manufacturer: Van Nelle
  • Manufacture Date: 1976

Product Description:
Experience the rich history of Van Nelle with this beautiful nostalgic tin drum from 1976. This vintage tin, adorned in vibrant red, is designed as a square box with a hinged snap-on lid. It is intricately decorated with images that illustrate the history of Van Nelle's Steam Coffee Roastery and Tea Trade. The drum reflects the sentiment of "De rijzende hoop" (The rising hope), a slogan that evokes nostalgic memories while enjoying your favourite coffee and tea.

Features and Specifications:

  • Design: Square box with hinged snap-on lid
  • Colour: Vibrant red
  • Construction: Seamed bottom and side seams for strength and durability
  • Hinges: Two strap hinges subtly integrated into the design
  • Decoration: Richly adorned with nostalgic images from all sides

This tin was originally offered as packaging with the purchase of two packs of Van Nelle's Supra coffee. Now you can own this unique piece of history and enrich your collection.

This vintage tin is in original condition with signs of use and age-related wear. The attached photos provide a clear view of the current condition, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.


  • Height: 9 cm
  • Length: 17.5 cm
  • Width: 14.5 cm

Add a Touch of Nostalgia to Your Interior:
This nostalgic tin drum is not only a functional item but also a beautiful decorative piece that adds a touch of vintage flair to any interior.

Van Nelle: A Rich History of Coffee, Tea, and Tobacco

Van Nelle, based in Rotterdam, has an impressive history as a producer of tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, and tea. The company began in 1782 when Johannes van Nelle and his wife Hendrica opened a shop at Leuvehaven. After Johannes' passing, his widow continued the business until she died in 1813.

Johannes van Nelle Jr. and his brother-in-law Abraham Goedkoop took over the business, operating under the name "De Erven de Wed. J. van Nelle". In 1837, the Van der Leeuw family acquired a stake in the company, and by 1845, Van Nelle was fully in their hands. Under the leadership of Jacobus Johannes van der Leeuw, the company expanded between 1837 and 1881, establishing global trade connections, starting plantations in the Dutch East Indies, and transforming the shop into a factory for coffee roasting and tobacco and tea processing.

By the end of the 19th century, coffee and tea became increasingly important, and Van Nelle distinguished itself with a unique approach, including notable advertising characters like Piggelmee. Despite facing challenges during World War II, the company recovered in the 1950s under the leadership of J.P. Coelingh. A significant innovation was the introduction of the first freshly ground vacuum-packed coffee, Supra, in 1962.

In 1916, Van Nelle acquired a site along the Schie in Overschie, where the world-renowned Van Nelle Factory, designed by J.A. Brinkman and L.C. van der Vlugt, was built between 1927 and 1929. This architectural masterpiece became an icon of modernist architecture.

On October 1, 1954, the last Van der Leeuw withdrew from the board, and Van Nelle became a public company. In 1977, American Standard Brands acquired all shares of Van Nelle. Following a management buy-out in 1985, the company regained independence until it was acquired by Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts in 1989. All production facilities were closed, reducing Van Nelle to a brand name with a rich legacy.

Bring home this beautiful nostalgic tin drum from Van Nelle today and add a piece of rich history and vintage flair to your interior. This unique item offers not only functional value but also a visually appealing addition to any space.


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